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About Us

Coates Pty Ltd


We are passionate about improving oral health and therefore general health in the community.

To this effect we have developed and patented The Piccolo, a radically new technology to make flossing as quick and easy as brushing your teeth.

It is a quantum leap over existing products available today and throughout the development of the Piccolo and to perfect the technology, informed opinion was sought from experts in the dental industry, including The University of Sydney and dental hygienists.

Gum disease is a cause of cardiovascular disease, resulting in a shortened life expectancy of six years or more. Despite health warnings, less than 20% of the population floss regularly because it is time consuming and fiddly using products available today. It is therefore our mission to overcome this reluctance to floss and make The Piccolo an everyday bathroom item throughout the world.

We are particularly focussed on getting young people flossing to ecourage a life-long habit.

We are also committed to a sustainable business model focussed on ethical standards.

Coates Pty Ltd is proudly 100% Australian owned and is based in Sydney, Australia.