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Coates Pty Ltd

Our design team have considerable expertise in designing and improving products in the oral health and dental health areas. In response to you asking us to improve  interdental bleeding gums treatment we have developed the Piccolo technology. This is a  huge advance over plaque removal products on the market today. International recognition for our achievements has been excellent. The team are passionate about improving dental health and general health in the community.  We have developed and patented the Piccolo technology to make flossing as quick and easy as to brush your teeth. It is an improvement over products available today. We have involved medical experts in the trials of the Piccolo and  to perfect the technology.

Bleeding gums may contribute to a shortened life expectancy of six years or more.  Only 20% of the population floss regularly as it is time consuming using available products.  It is our mission to overcome this reluctance to floss.

You have asked for product to get young people flossing to encourage a life-long habit.

A major problem of cleaning under braces has existed for young people for too long. Using floss tape is not practical. Interdental brushes can be too thick to clean properly and water jets are only partially effective. The Piccolo now fills this role.

The company is Australian owned and is committed to a sustainable business model focused on ethical standards.

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