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Developing the Piccolo

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Should you floss or not?

There is a lot of misinformation in the media of late about the necessity of flossing resulting in cross-talk and confusion.  It was recently reported in the media that the ‘benefits of flossing are unproven’. However, it would seem the benefits of flossing have never been properly researched and any studies are outdated and only surveyed a small number of people.  So despite tentative relief from the public that they can now ‘officially’ get out of flossing their teeth, the bottom line is dentists strongly support the benefits of flossing.

Dentists say cleaning between the teeth (interdental cleaning) helps remove debris that can contribute to plaque build-up that can lead to cavities or gum disease from the areas where a toothbrush can’t reach.

The  Australian Dental Association recommends that all people over 11-years-old should floss and say “Flossing … is an essential part of caring for your teeth and gums, and not some kind of ‘nice to have’ added extra.”

There is also evidence of cardiovascular disease leading to heart disease that can be caused by unhealthy teeth and gums.

Cleaning between your teeth is therefore the most beneficial oral cleaning you can do and is more effective than just brushing your teeth.

The mouth is largely self-cleaning and self-healing, provided that the saliva can freely circulate around the mouth and teeth. Teeth should always be wet with saliva to disinfect and to re-calcify the enamel. Food trapped between your teeth can plug the interdental gaps and prevent saliva from circulating.  This also contributes towards biofilm (early stage plaque) formation and eventual calcification.

This is why interdental cleaning is important.

Flossing teeth effectively

Over the years, and to encourage people to floss, many attempts have been made to make flossing easier and more effective. Methods have ranged from toothpicks and brushes, to dental floss and pressurised water jets.  All have their pros and cons.

Brushes are generally too large for the front teeth and those with tight teeth and some people find the metal core of brushes between their teeth uncomfortable. Dental floss does not clean the back teeth effectively due to molar indentations and, as it has to be held taught at both ends to pull between your teeth, it can cut into the fingers or snap down quickly between teeth onto the gumline.  In some cases high pressure water jets are largely ineffective.

To effectively clean between all your teeth it is necessary to combine methods such as using brushes at the back and dental floss at the front. This is time-consuming and fiddly and as such is carried out reluctantly, if at all.

So, to make flossing easier and quicker requires a product that combines the good points of most of the existing methods available.

This is where The Piccolo comes in.

Meet The Piccolo

The Piccolo is a radically new flossing device that is a companion to your toothbrush. It is the softest method of flossing available and is designed specifically to be thorough yet gentle on teeth and gums.

It comprises a handpiece (available in 5 colours) and a replaceable tip which contains an advancing, rotating filament. The key feature is this very soft, fine filament.  It is grooved, not unlike a small screw, and when rotating will pull itself between your teeth, disturbing the formation of sticky biofilm and extracting food particles before it is retracted. It has a unique action gently shearing the biofilm from the surface of the tooth with minimal contact pressure. Removing this sticky biofilm regularly will prevent it from hardening over time to become plaque that can only be removed by your dentist.

The filament is self-threading which allows it to be both fine and soft.  This is the only product for dental health to offer this benefit. It is unique to The Piccolo dental technology and patented internationally.

The filament rotation thoroughly covers irregular interdental spaces both large and small and leaves you with clean teeth, healthier gums and fresh breath.

It is quick and easy to use and like an electric toothbrush, requires no particular hand dexterity or skill.

It is suitable for all the family, particularly those with bridgework, braces or with hard-to-access oral situations.

Those with limited hand dexterity and men with large hands who have difficulty using small, fiddly flossing methods, will find The Piccolo easy to use.

The Piccolo is powered by a single 1.5V AA battery (primary or rechargeable).

The soft Piccolo filament in action:

Using The Piccolo

Grip the body in the palm of your hand, and place the tip at the interdental gap between two teeth i.e. at the gumline, then whilst your hand is squeezing the handpiece, the filament inside the tip will pull itself between your teeth to disturb plaque formation and extract food debris. It does not require insertion pressure and by your just placing the tip at the interdental gap and squeezing the handpiece, it does all the work for you.  When you stop squeezing the body, the filament will retract itself, bringing with it food debris and sticky biofilm. Repeat this procedure until all teeth are cleaned.

The tip can be positioned to clean from both the front and the back of the teeth.

Cleaning all your teeth will be an easy 1 to 2 minutes.


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