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Meet the Piccolo

The Piccolo is a radically new flossing technology that is a companion to your toothbrush. It is the softest method of flossing available and is designed specifically to be thorough yet gentle on teeth and gums.
It comprises a handpiece and a replaceable tip which contains an advancing, rotating filament.  The filament is grooved, not unlike a small screw,  and when rotating will pull itself between your teeth, disturbing the sticky biofilm and extracting food particles before it is retracted. It has a unique action gently shearing the biofilm from the surface of the tooth with minimal contact pressure. (Removing this sticky biofilm regularly will prevent it from hardening over time to become plaque that can only be removed by your dentist.)  This self-threading allows the filament to be both fine and soft.  This is the only product for dental health to offer this benefit. It is a unique dental technology and is patented worldwide.
The filament rotation thoroughly covers irregular interdental spaces both large and small and leaves you with a clean mouth, healthier gums and fresh breath.
It is quick and easy to use and like an electric toothbrush, requires no particular hand dexterity or skill.

It is suitable for all the family, particularly those with bridgework, braces or with hard-to-access oral situations.

Those with limited hand dexterity and men with large hands who have difficulty using the small fiddly current flossing methods, will find the Piccolo easy to use.

It is powered by a single 1.5V AA battery (primary or rechargeable).

The soft Piccolo filament in action:

Get a healthier smile.