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Meet the Flossers

The soft Piccolo filament in action

The Piccolo demonstrated here is slowed down to show its ease of use and the softness of the Filament.

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A Model for all Situations.

There are two models of The Piccolo:-  the Pocket and the Pro.
The Pocket is smaller, lighter and very portable.
The Pro has all the features of the Pocket model but has an extended neck. This enables use by a third party i.e. a parent or carer, and caters for the needs of the specialist aged and disability care industry.
Between them they cover most flossing needs.
How to floss with the Piccolo is demonstrated in the video above.

How does it work?

The Piccolo comprises a motorised handpiece that drives a replaceable curved tip that supports a Filament.  Simply press the ON button, position the tip at the interdental gap at the gumline and squeeze the handpiece to activate the filament.  The filament will extend out of the tip and whilst rotating will pull itself between your teeth, requiring no insertion pressure.
When you relax your grip on the handpiece, the filament retracts from the interdental gap, extracting out food particles and the sticky biofilm.

Soft and Gentle

Designed specifically to be thorough yet gentle on teeth and gums.
The filament, made of a pliable elastomer, is grooved, like a small screw. These grooves provide a unique shearing action to gently remove and extract biofilm and food particles with minimal contact pressure. (Removing this sticky biofilm regularly will prevent it from hardening over time. Once it’s hardened, it can only be removed by your dentist.) The self-threading action of the filament also allows the filament to be both fine and soft.


Convenient and easy to use; requires just one hand to operate. Can also be used by a third party (parents or carers). Those with limited hand dexterity and men with large hands who have difficulty using the fiddly flossing methods currently available will find it quick and easy. Each interdental gap takes only seconds to thoroughly clean.
The detailed operating and cleaning instructions that come with the Piccolo show how to achieve best results.

Easy and Thorough

When flossing with the Piccolo, the filament’s gyrating action covers irregular interdental spaces both large and small and food particles and sticky biofilm is extracted out. The filament can easily access hard to reach areas like bridges and braces. The result is a clean mouth and fresh breath. Regular use is best.

Unique Technology

The Piccolo is a game changer.
The filament is the softest and least abrasive flossing available.
Its grooves facilitate self-threading and requires no insertion pressure.
The grooves perform an axial shearing action that lifts biofilm and food particles from the surface and then extracts it..
It pulls (snakes) past blockages such as misaligned teeth, under bridges and braces.