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Meet the Piccolo Flosser, a companion to your toothbrush

Experience the revolutionary Piccolo, featuring cutting-edge interdental flossing technology. Step into the future of oral hygiene with this innovative device that ensures meticulous cleaning beyond compare. Discover the gentlest way to clean between your teeth, delivering unparalleled comfort and effectiveness.

Quick, Easy and Thorough

The Piccolo flosser is ideal for interdental cleaning. Easier to use than dental floss, interdental brushes or waterjets. Great for those with limited hand dexterity, or for use by a third party (parents or carers).


It has a soft rotating filament specially designed to remove remaning food and contaminants from between your teeth, gently, easily and thoroughly.  Perfect for those with tender gums , bridges or braces.

Ground breaking technology

The Piccolo uses new technology to improve on current flossing methods and to make flossing less of a chore.  It employs a game changing shearing action on the tooth surface to remove remaining food  residue with minimal contact pressure.

Soft, rotating, contoured Filament removes remaining food from the tooth and gum surface between your teeth with a gentle shearing action.
The Filament is supported by the Tip that can be removed for cleaning.
Soft squeezable Grip to control the filament.
Powered by a single AA 1.5V battery, primary or rechargeable for portability.
What They’re Saying

"I am very happy with my Piccolo. It is definitely a much more gentle way of getting in between the teeth. I’ve actually enjoyed it! Thank you very much for your excellent customer service which is hard to find these days."

Sue M

I’m a reluctant flosser. My dentist tells me I need to floss but I've always found it difficult and uncomfortable. I care a lot about my teeth, so I did my own research and found the Piccolo. Honestly I couldn't be happier, it's so quick and easy to use. Thanks!

Marcus C

Great product. My daughter recently got braces. I bought her a Piccolo and she’s now flossing every day.

Larisa R

Smile and let The Piccolo do the rest.

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