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The Company

Coates Pty Ltd, established in 2006, is proudly 100% Australian owned and is based in Sydney Australia.

Our Objective

Our passion is your well-being. The driving force behind our Company tackling the problem of flossing reluctance is because only a small portion of the population – estimated at less than 30% – carry out flossing regularly because it is difficult, fiddly and time-consuming.

By offering a product that is quick and easy to use, and that eliminates the issues associated with existing products, The Piccolo will attract more people to flossing, raise the overall usage and may in turn improve general health in the community.

In response to consumer feedback we have developed and patented The Piccolo flosser, a radically new approach to flossing to make it as quick and easy as brushing your teeth. It is a huge advance over flossing products on the market today.

Particular attention in the design process was paid to people with bridgework, braces or other hard-to-access oral situations, as well as those with poor hand dexterity.

Our Expertise

Our team, with its wealth of experience in electronic and mechanical engineering, brings considerable expertise to concept, design and development.
The product is manufactured using cutting-edge technologies in plastics and biomedical engineering and all materials used are recyclable.
During the development process informed opinion and guidance was sought from experts in the dental industry.
We are committed to a sustainable business model focused on ethical standards.

International recognition of our achievements has been excellent.

  • The technology has been demonstrated on Australia’s national television.
  • In a nationwide survey of most promising product innovations by Australian Anthill magazine, the Piccolo was awarded 45th place out of 861 nominations in The Smart 100 by a panel of 1,600 “Maevens” (industry experts).
  • The company has secured international patents and design patents for the Piccolo technology in Australia, USA, Canada, Japan and a number of European countries.
Quick!  Easy!  Thorough!

Get A Healthier Smile Today with The Piccolo